ASRHE is seeking additional reviewers


ASRHE is seeking additional reviewers

Please read about the principles of our peer review process at and see information on organisation and expected time commitment below. We welcome applications of both emerging and experienced reviewers. If you are interested, please fill out our application form

We plan to respond to applicants before the end of July. Please direct questions at

Organisation of review groups and expected time commitment

Once a submission has passed screening by the editors, we notify our reviewers of the opportunity to participate in a review group meeting and provide time suggestions (typically 2-3 weeks ahead; we use a variety of time slots to suit different time zones). Reviewers indicate their availability. We then determine the review time and review group membership, taking into consideration criteria such as balancing experience levels. 

ASRHE is still a young journal and the number of submissions of quality sufficient to pass screening vary. Recently we have called for review group meetings about once per week. As a reviewer, you decide one a case-by-case basis if you can accept a review group meeting invitation. We understand that our reviewers are busy and cannot be available for all meetings. Yet, we hope that our reviewers can participate in about 4-6 meetings per year.

We use email to send out review meeting invitations to our reviewers. We do not hide the email addresses in these messages. We use Zoom to conduct the meetings. 

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The ASRHE Editors