Exploring course evaluations based on self-determination theory



first year, course evaluation, self-determination theory


This ‘Research in Progress’ article explores how to build on self-determination theory (SDT) in the context of first year university course evaluations. It suggests the use of an established SDT scale, Balanced Measure of Psychological Needs (BMPN), plus two course specific scales on course design features and perceived knowledge gains. The scales form a conceptual design linking course design, needs fulfilment and knowledge gains. Two information technology courses have been examined and findings indicate the usefulness of the conceptual design for course evaluation. Per course, data from the three scales combine to coherent pictures; across courses differences show up that might be explained via course maturity. While approaches for a combined statistical analysis for the three scales are indicated, participant numbers were too small for testing of models. Several areas for follow up research are suggested and include refinement of the scales, application to other courses for comparison regarding course maturity or subject specifics, examination of SDT for application in modern technology-supported and blended course environments, as well as combination with qualitative data for a deeper understanding.



2021-06-09 — Updated on 2021-06-13


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Heinrich, E. (2021). Exploring course evaluations based on self-determination theory. Advancing Scholarship and Research in Higher Education, 2(1). Retrieved from https://asrhe.org/index.php/asrhe/article/view/5321 (Original work published June 9, 2021)



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